SMRT-NTU Corporate Laboratory will focus on two complementary research tracks in the developmet of innovative urban rail solutions. Projects in the two tracks include developing real-time condition systems and enhancing the reliability of rail infrastructure and assets.

Track One : Eliminating Problems Before They Occur

The first research track focuses on developing better detection methods and monitoring systems so that potential issues can be addressed quickly and acurately, even before they happen. With real-time data from sensors which monitor critical rail equipment, timely and accurate decisions can be made to address a fault before a potential service delay.

This research track also aims to allow components and parts to be repaired or replaced immediately so as to reduce the need to disrupt train services during operation hours and prevent technical issues from escalating into a problem.


Track Two : Enhancing Reliability of Existing Rail Assets

The second research track aims to enhance the reliability of exisiting rail assets by optimising maintenance and servicing processes. By using prediction methodologies and analytical tools to produce accurate data, the life span of train components and systems can be better assessed.

Track Two's research projects will help in refining maintenance schedules to reduce potential problems and ensure that train and track components are performing at their best.